Working Outside of a Pizza Place at Night in Skradin Croatia

“Working while traveling around the world can pose challenges, especially when you are sailing and you don’t know where the wind will take you. We sailed into Skradin Croatia late and started our work day at 10pm at a Pizza place with great internet connection. However, they closed at 11pm, but let us work on their patio in the dark :) The weather was perfect 70F/20C degrees or so and beer cold, so we didn’t mind. We put in a 5 hour work day/night shift…

Skradin was an Illyrian settlement (Scardona) on the boundary between the Delmati and the Liburnian tribes. It was the capital of the Liburnians. It was better known as a Roman town, as the administrative and military centre of the region. During the migration of the nations it was destroyed, but in the 9th century Croatians moved here. It has had its present name since the 10th century. It was one of the seats of the Bribir Å ubič family. Between 1522 and 1684 it was ruled by the Ottoman Turks, then again up to 1794 by Republic o”

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