We sold our stolen Infiniti to a sucker! :)

As you guys know, one of our Vagabond Friends Chris Baker bought our Infiniti. Here is a hilarious story about what happened shortly after he drove off with his new car:)
Hola Konrad and Jenn! Como estas???

Selling Our Infiniti to Travel

Sold Our Infiniti

I hope you two had a great weekend and are excited for your amazing adventure, which I think starts tomorrow??!? Sorry for the delay in writing about our wonderful car experience together, but I finally made it, just in time before you two “dash out of town”!! ;)
So I have to share our story of how our paths crossed on the car deal… I have had the same car for the last 8 years and at the very beginning of October I decided it was time to sell my old car and jump into something a little bit newer and easier to get around for work and clients. I had no clue what I wanted in the beginning, really didn’t know what style, or even what price range I wanted to be in. So the first weekend in October I headed up Peachtree Street past Brookhaven to where all the car dealerships are… first stop Volvo. They had some nice cars, but there was just something about a Volvo that I didn’t see fitting my personality (they are wonderful cars, just not for me). So on I went to two or three more dealerships that day, finally ending at Mercedes Benz. I will admit Mercedes is my favorite car by far in the Sedan series, but unfortunately with my budget, it was a little out of my price range. So day one was complete. A few days went by, and then I noticed a post by Jennifer trying to sell her car… I thought to myself, “Hmm, that could work. I never thought about an Infinity but It’s close to my price range, and I thought I knew Jenn and Konrad decent enough to buy their car and trust they took care of the car (Note for later – key word is “thought”… I knew Jenn and Konrad). So I shot Jenn an email saying “hey, I’m interested in your car. Here is what I am willing to spend… I’m in no rush, let’s chat next week to see if we can work out a deal we’re both happy with”. So a week goes by… I checked out some other dealerships, looked at some other cars, and the more I thought about it and the more I researched, the more I knew I wanted an Infiniti, preferably from someone I knew. So I followed up with Jenn and let her know I wanted to proceed further if the price was right. Her and Konrad spoke and decided they thought our deal was fair and that we should go ahead and make the deal. I think both parties were pretty excited! So Jenn and I made arrangements to meet at my mechanic a couple days later just to make sure all the basics were covered. Although, I knew Konrad and Jenn, this was still a business transaction and I wanted to cover my bases. So my mechanic looked over the car and thought everything looked great. David, the Customer Service rep even mentioned, “That car is as clean as the day it was stolen!!” (Note for later – key word in this sentence is “Stolen”). So we all laughed and joked, and then everyone parted ways. Before we left, Jenn and I decided we would go ahead and complete the deal on Saturday morning. So in the meantime, I went ahead and handled everything on my end with financial and insurance matters on Thursday and Friday to get ready for Saturday. Everything went pretty smooth, so by the end of Friday I was pretty happy. Saturday crept up pretty quickly and it was time to go ahead and get the car. I forgot I needed a ride so I called a cab and headed to 1010. So I got to the bank and made sure all the money was in order and then called Jenn. Jenn and I met around 10:00 and since we both banked at the same bank, everything was smooth. She seemed a little out of it, but Jenn told me her and Konrad were out the night before with some old friends celebrating their upcoming trip, so I didn’t think her peculiar behavior was unusual… she was just hung over (Note for later – key word is “peculiar” behavior from Jenn) I remember when she was getting her car cleaned out, and grabbing an extra set of keys for me, I was sitting in the lobby and Louis Armstrong, “What a Wonderful World” was playing, and I thought to myself, “You know what, this is alright, going to be a good day”…. So finally, everything gets done, she has the money, I have the car. I leave and I am driving up West Peachtree, and the first place I want to go is the car wash near my house to give my new car a bath. I’m pretty happy at this point. I was able to help out some friends that needed to sell a car, some friends helped me buy a car at a good price… Everyone was happy! So as I drove further and got to Piedmont, I knew I had to be careful because I did not have insurance, and I did not have any tags for my new car. Typically, I am a very observant driver, but this day, I was a little off as I was checking out everything in the car. Well, as I passed the Mercedes dealership on Piedmont and got closer to the Car Wash, I checked my rearview mirror and was like “damn, are you serious?”….. I was getting pulled over. I couldn’t believe it. I had not even had the car for 30 minutes and I was already getting pulled over. I thought man, this can’t be a good way to start out a new relationship! So I pull over and the cop starts walking up. He comes to my window, and asks “You do realize you have no tags on your car?” I said yes, I do realize that sir”…. He was kind of a younger, big guy, definitely had a big dip in his mouth, and he was decked out in I swear what looked like riot gear which to me was a little much for a bright sunny Saturday morning in Buckhead. He did look pretty bad a** though. So anyways, I give him the title and my old insurance card and he asks me explain to him why there are no tags… I said “Look man, I just bought this car literally 30 minutes ago. I haven’t had time to get anything set up. I was just going to the car wash to get cleaned up”. He laughs and says ok, no problem, I just have to run this information to make sure everything is ok…. So a few minutes go by and he comes back with a very somber look on his face…. And with the straightest, dead pan look, he says “dude, this car has been registered stolen”………………….. So, in a nanosecond, like movie stills (think the movie “The Usual Suspects”), the following flash through my mind – “thought” I knew Jenn and Konrad, that car is as clean as the day it was “Stolen”, Jenns “peculiar” behavior before sale of car… and then all I could think about was that they just sold everything they owned and are leaving the country indefinitely…… and I’m like fu**……….THEY GOT ME!!…..
After these flashes of lightning quick thoughts, the cop took a few steps closer, looks at me, and smiles, and says man, your fine, the cars not stolen, everything came back clean… just be careful driving because you’re going to get pulled over all day with no tags……………………………………………… LMAO!
Jenn and Konrad, for the record I never really thought you sold me a stolen car… but for that split second, it definitely crossed my mind!!!!! Overall, it was a great experience in all regards, and I couldn’t have been happier to buy from you two. Memories for life!
I wish you two the very best and safe travels! Like the rest of us, I look forward to following you on all of your adventures! Hopefully our paths will cross again at some point in some random corner of the world!!

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