Stone Jewelry Expat Business

We set out on our adventure to travel and work in exotic locations. We always had a great passion for travel and business. Our goal was to create a lifestyle that would allow us to do both. When we began our travels we knew that we would come across opportunities and that when we saw them we would need to go after them. One of those opportunities evolved over the first year of our vagabond adventure.

Stone and Silver Jewelry

Jennifer’s Stone Jewelry Expat Business

Every time we visited a new country we wanted to take something unique back with us. However, we travel full time and don’t need anymore stuff. We sold most of what we owned, so why accumulate new stuff? We ended up settling for unique stone or silver pendents from each country. We bought a beautiful silver coin pendant in Greece, Opal from Ecuador, Amber pendants from the Baltic sea in Poland, Moonstone designs from Italy, and Jade necklaces in Guatemala. Each country had something one of a kind that we discovered. These little shopping excursions were quite fun and we decided that one day we should launch a business sharing these one of a kind designs with women who want to stand out.

While driving thru Mexico on our way to Central America we had a lot of time to talk about all kinds of subjects. Silver Jewelry came up as a topic because we were on the way to one of the great Spanish silver cities: Guanajuato, Mexico. The wealth of Guanjuato during the Spanish empire’s height was immense due to all the silver mines in the region. We spent the next few weeks enjoying all the silver jewelry designs of the city. This experience inspired us to again drop the “one day” we should do this and follow our motto “why not now?”. We didn’t find a good reason why not to launch the business and our stone jewelry business was born.

Over the next few months we ended up contacting former jewelry artisans we’ve met on our travels, researched new ones, and visited places where jewelry is handmade. We’ve met wonderful people on the way. One of them is Massimo who is Italian decent and based in Guatemala. He works with beautiful Guatemalan Jade Jewelry of all colors. He is also active in the Mayan community and ensures that his business dealings have a positive impact on everyone around. We visited these Mayan communities and decided to involve them as well. Every Jade Necklace or bracelet will come wrapped in a handmade scarf that is created in a Mayan village on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. We saw this as a win, win, win. Business, Eco friendly packaging, Benefiting local communities.

Not only is our first expat business a lot of fun but it allows us to continue our flexible lifestyle and combines our passion for travel with our hobby of finding one of a kind jewelry pieces. Stay tuned as we set out to find new jewelry artisans all over the globe….

Jen & Konrad

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