Stone Jewelry Expat Business

Stone and Silver Jewelry

We set out on our adventure to travel and work in exotic locations. We always had a great passion for travel and business. Our goal was to create a lifestyle that would allow us to do both. When we beganRead More

Expat Stories – A fellow Vagabond

Front Camera

We met a fellow work and travel vagabond at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Mose Cagen is in his 20′s and living the white collar vagabond lifestyle. He shares his expat lifestyle story. We love to meet fellow travelers and share theirRead More

Granada Nicaragua Expat Life – Casa Cubana Bed and Breakfast – B&B

If you consider running a B&B in Latin America, take a look what Uli the owner of Casa Cubana is doing in Granada, Nicaragua. Casa Cubana is cozy and makes the most out of its colonial character. The architecture isRead More

Thinking About Moving to Costa Rica? Steve & Debbie Had A Dream, Planned It and Did It!

Name ten things you would like to do if money and time was no object? Ask your partner the same question, write down your answers separately and compare your lists. That is what Steve and I did when we metRead More

Memories from Lake Atitlan Guatemala

We have wonderful memories from our time at Lake Atitlan Guatemala, this location is truly one of a kind and makes our Top 10 in the beauty category.

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