We Know Your Target Market. We are Your Target Market.We will develop the best marketing strategies to reach your target market, build stronger connections, and engage your potential clients. Put your visibility and conversions into the next gear with our strategies for Travel & Leisure, International Real Estate, and Expat Lifestyle businesses.


Develop a dedicated following in your niche. Give a dam’ about your followers and reap the rewards. We will help you engage in meaningful conversations and use our social strategies to promote your brand


We will help you develop a program to take advantage of the ultimate outbound messaging tool. Receive user feedback that is quick and to the point, react, and maximize the promotional value of instant contact.


You can’t forget about the basics. You need to be found when your potential clients are searching for what you have to offer. Our proven search engine optimization strategies will get your business ranked ahead of the competition.


Attract the type of publicity that will take your business to the next level. Our network of sources will be crucial in the execution of a successful strategy.


Develop a stellar reputation on tripadvisor. A poor rating on the user generated travel social network that everyone trusts can make or break a business. We can devise strategies to maximize the networks potential and mitigate the risks.

Youtube And
Video Networks

People are busy; make it easy to do business with you. Share your story in a professional way.


You can’t ignore the fastest growing trend that will define the next decade of internet marketing. Most businesses are behind the curve; why not get ahead of them?

We travel the world while successfully running our marketing business. Our passion is for Travel and Leisure, International Real Estate, and Expat Lifestyle communities. Take advantage of our experience and proven track record to ensure the success of your project or business. Don’t hesitate to contact us!Jennifer and Konrad
Phone: 800-456-1563

Reputation Management

Monitor, React, and manage your reputation in real time. Don’t let one mistake or one competitor damage what you have worked so hard to build.


Connect with people that could become your biggest advocates. Rather than tooting your own horn, have some else do the heavy lifting.