Guanajuato Mexico Travel

“Why Guanajuato, Mexico? We probably would have asked the same question about 12 months ago… Last year we spent some time in Ecuador and Jennifer enjoyed discovering all this exotic semi-precious stone jewelry in the markets of Quito and Cuenca. She mentioned to me that she really liked Opals. After a few searches Mexican Opals came up and the colonial highlands of Mexico were mentioned. I started researching a little and really enjoyed the history of Mexico’s silver cities. Guanajuato was one of those cities and had actually a mine that was still producing silver until 2005. Over the centuries all this mining wealth was invested into the citiy’s churches, colonial mansions and civic buildings. I’ve always enjoyed history and colonial history in particular. One of our missions on the Latin America part of our travels is to visit these colonial gems.

Guanajuato is filled with courtyard cafes, gardens, and baroque churches. It is home to the prestigious Universidad de Guanajuato which has contributed Guanajuato being a place for intellectuals, culture and arts. The students add an extra level of energy to the city.

On our first night, a Thursday night, we strolled thru the city and came across a plaza witha classical movie beamed across a building facade, then we came a cross several Mariachi bands, but then settled down for a quick bite to eat at European style cafe with replica paintings of Van Gogh. The cafe was filed by the sound of a singer playing local musical favorites on accoustical guitar.

You know how when you get to a place you quickly get a gut feel about it and know if it was a good choice or not? We immediately knew that we will enjoy the next 15 nights here.”

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