Exploring Positano Italy – Amalfi Coast

We enjoyed being tourists in Positano, Italy. We walked the narrow streets, shopped for jewelry and ceramics. Enjoyed a lively atmosphere at a restaurant off the beach and took a stroll thru the many Art galleries. Shopping is one of my favorite Positano activities! Everyone loves to find treasures. When it comes to the region’s gastronomical specialties, we suggest you pick up and take home some delicious limoncello, as well as a few lemons: just sprinkle a few slices with sugar and enjoy. Nocino is another of the region’s typical liqueurs, which is certain to bring a smile to the faces of your friends and relations. And why not take them a bag of excellent walnuts, which are plentiful in these parts. As well as these gastronomical specialties, in Amalfi you can also find scented candle sculptures, handmade silver jewelry, and embroidered cameos and tablecloths. To conclude this small shopping guide, Vietri has been renowned for centuries for its wonderful ceramic artists, while Positano is the ideal place to find a whole assortment of clothes, sandals, swimwear and other accessories. Remember to stop into Ceramica Assunte in Positano. They specialize in all kinds of ceramics and will ship your purchases back to your home if you like!

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