Exploring Dubrovnik Croatia

“We enjoyed exploring Dubrovnik Croatia with all of its narrow side alleys, beautiful views, and restaurants. The best part is to get lost walking around town and get some exercise on the hundreds upon hundreds of stairs.

The history of Dubrovnik is a fascinating study of the rise of a great maritime power that lived in peace and prosperity for nearly five centuries.

Dubrovnik was originally called Ragusa and was formed in the 7th century when coastal residents took refuge there under the onslaught of barbarian invasions. Walls were quickly built to protect the new settlement.

Over the next four centuries Ragusa expanded its influence over the coast and became increasingly prosperous by trading with other Mediterranean cities. In 1205 it fell under the control of Venice but it managed to break away in 1358.

By the 15th century the Republic of Ragusa was a major rival of Venice for control of the Adriatic waterways, trading with the Near East and Europe. It mai”

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