Expat Stories – A fellow Vagabond

We met a fellow work and travel vagabond at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Mose Cagen is in his 20′s and living the white collar vagabond lifestyle. He shares his expat lifestyle story. We love to meet fellow travelers and share their stories.

Mose Cagen Expat Lifestyle
I am a White Collar Vagabond, but without that collared shirt. I always knew I wanted to travel, but I also saw reality face to face and realized that in order to move forward in the world and still be able to travel, that I would have to have a decent job that still gave me the time to explore and travel. The thing is, so many people have well-paying jobs which would allow them to travel for long periods of time, especially in budget countries like Central and South America, India, South East Asia, and a number of other possibilities, but most of these people don’t have the time with the limited 2 weeks or so a year in vacation time. That just doesn’t cut it.
It is for this reason that during the last semester of my college career as a business major, I decided to start an environmentally friendly cleaning company with the idea in mind that at some point I could hire an operating manager to take over the daily routine and allow me to take my cut from the established business and do some extended traveling. Great idea right? Well the only thing is, I started that company with a good friend in 2008, right before the market crash. We were some of the lucky ones though and it didn’t put us underwater and we were actually able to grow into quite a successful company in our local town through my knowledge in internet marketing, our environmentally friendly approach, and our down to earth way of running our company. But, we didn’t reach the growth numbers we had initially hoped for and by the time I was burned out of running the company, we weren’t making nearly enough money for me to take off and travel, much less cover all my expenses at home.
This pushed me into the internet marketing business, specifically Search Engine Optimization. I was able to apply the strategies that I had learned during a summer internship in college, which worked extremely well for the marketing of the cleaning company, to start my own internet marketing company. It started out small and slow, but I got into it at the right time and more and more local businesses were interested in getting their sites optimized for search engines (rightfully so). I partnered with one of the top web design companies in town and my client list rapidly grew to a point where I could take off to travel.
This was about 9 months ago that I started traveling. I have actually managed to pay off debt while traveling in Central America and living a very high quality life. By taking my modest income from the states and translating it to the spending power I have down here in Central America, I actually spend less each month staying in decent hotels, eating at great restaurants and indulging in the occasional tour than if I were still in my apartment in Colorado.
Looking back at how I got here, it definitely makes me feel accomplished. But at the same time, I wouldn’t say I am super special. I think anyone who has the determination to be a White Collar Vagabond can do it, but the first step is the desire. If this is the kind of life you really want to live, it is definitely possible, but you have to start making moves. You have to start structuring your life in a way that opens up your future for the possibility to leave and never come back (unless of course you want to.) With more and more businesses becoming remote oriented due to the continued evolution of the internet infrastructure, the life of a White Collar Vagabond is available to anyone, and that includes you.

Mose Cagen
Fort Collins, CO
info (at) mrcventurecompanies (dot) com

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