About Us

About Us

We founded the White Collar Vagabond to follow our passions today and not wait until tomorrow or retirement age. We love to explore the world, immerse ourselves in foreign cultures while discovering new business opportunities. We have left lucrative corporate careers with the mission to grow our entrepreneurial ventures while living out our passion for adventure. We are building our business around our passion and living life by design.

Today’s internet connectivity is allowing businesses and individuals to stay connected and productive almost from anywhere in the world. We are constantly discovering new tools that help us live our expat life while traveling and working.

The expat lifestyle has become very popular over the last decade. Countries like Costa Rica, Panama, and Ecuador have begun conscious marketing campaigns to cater to American and European retirees. Their expat programs are very competitive and have allowed many to fulfill their retirement dreams.

However, why wait until retirement? Why not take advantage of what retirees have discovered now? Why not take advantage of the connectivity tools?

This is exactly what the White Collar Vagabond’s mission is: Live an active and productive business lifestyle while taking advantage of all the expat benefits that these wonderful countries offer. You don’t need to wait until retirement, you can design your life to live your passions today while being productive and fulfilling your business and career objectives at the same time.

We are discovering how to live overseas, how to work abroad, and how to travel the world. We are one of the best travel websites for the active expat living and working overseas.

Join our journey. Discover the expat lifestyle, international living destinations, and how to run a business remotely…